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Allendale is a cute little dot-of-town about 5 minutes from Creswick, 10 minutes from Clunes and 20 minutes from Daylesford and Ballarat. Allendale is home to artist Dianne Coulter and Jos VanKesteren.

The lines between Di's artistic home life are blurred with everything she touches turning into something of a work of art.

The old church that once stood on the bare paddock is barely recognizable now, as it has evolved into her life's work, her warm home, studio, gallery, courtyards, and gardens.

Every corner is studded with sculptures, paintings and other bold beautiful works to admire.

The latest transformation inside this enchanting home is the remodeling of two rooms as guest accommodation.

This new B&B is in true Di style - unique, quirky and lovingly hand made. From the handcrafted doors, to the wooden window shutters, the eclectic and painstaking mirror mosaic work and her own
personal collection of totems and treasures from her

travels to New Guinea, India and afar, each room is sumptuous and inviting and unlike any other B&B you've ever seen.

Allendale Studio is no doubt a perfect place to unplug and unwind, read, reconnect and re-inspire yourself. Browse their library, stroll the grounds, and soak in the boundless creative energy of this special space.

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